Quilt Preparation

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Quilt Preparation
  • Your backing, batting and quilt top will be loaded on frame separately; don’t pin or baste together
  • You have invested a lot of time and money in your quilt top; finish your quilt with quality batting and backing
  • Press all seams flat on both top and backing
  • Stitch 1/8” all around the edge to prevent borders from stretching out of shape
  • Snip off and remove any loose threads
  • Backing & batting must be at least 8” longer and 6” wider than quilt top
  • Double-sided quilts will only be quilted with meandering or other basic designs
  • If backing is pieced, trim selvages off edges to prevent puckering, use 1/2” seams, and press open to reduce bulk
  • Remove all pins to prevent damage

Quilt top must be squared up and flat for your finished quilt to be square and flat.

We are very sensitive to airborne chemicals. Avoid using heavily scented laundry products or scented products such as Febreeze on your quilt top or other materials.

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