Quilted Treasures quilt finishing services

Longarm quilting and other quilting services are provided by

Quilted Treasures
543 Flaggy Meadow Road
Mannington WV 26582

Three styles of quilting are available in price ranges for every budget. 

A1. Light density quilting is basic edge-to-edge quilting is an allover evenly spaced design that completely covers your quilt.

A2. Light Custom (medium density quilting) is simple hand guided and ruler work that may use patterns from stencils or pantographs, rulers, templates, or follow a preprinted pattern. 

A3. Custom (or dense) quilting may include ruler work, custom designs, precisely spaced patterns, structured feathers & other designs, pebbles, matchstick or other dense background fills.

A4. QT Choice means that the longarm quilter decides which design to use. It could be a very simple all-over design with fancy borders, stitch-in-the-ditch throughout, feathers, ruler work, edge-to-edge patterns, a combination of techniques & patterns, or anything! We promise that it will be professional and look good. 

We can also machine baste your quilt for quilting by hand or sewing machine, supply batting and special order threads, bind by hand or machine, and wash your completed quilt. You choose how many of our quilting services will work for you.

As much as possible, all products used by Quilted Treasures are Made in America.

  • Fil-tec threads
  • Hobbs batting
  • Innova longarm machine

Quilted Treasures is fully owned and operated by TopAnchor Quilting Tools LLC.