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TopAnchor® Quilting Tools LLC, a woman-owned small business
situated in Mannington, West Virginia, was formed in early 2011 and introduced their first template in 2012. Several additional templates and notions have been added to the product line with several more in various stages of development. Our Patent #92,288,280 was approved in late 2015 and issued in January 2016. 

Rotating machine quilting templates by TopAnchor® Quilting are made and assembled in USA with top quality materials and workmanship. Like many quality products, these templates are made to last a lifetime. They are precisely laser-cut from top grade acrylic and are screen printed with special permanent materials that will stay clear and bright without coming off. 

Although we set up a longarm quilting business first, the template business pretty much took over my time for several years. With the growth and expansion of the manufacturing business and capable staff to manage the operation, we are once again able to provide quality longarm quilting and services to the public. We recently moved to a much larger facility and are back in the longarm quilting business (which is what we intended in the first place)!   

Templates from TopAnchor® Quilting feature a patented system where the tool rotates around a stationary anchor post that can easily be moved to other areas for design variety. Use of this system makes quilting various designs much easier without the need to premark the quilt top, walk behind the machine to make adjustments or operate the machine, reach back under the quilt to fasten the tool, and other activities that make it necessary for the quilter to move away from the stitching area during the quilting process.

The idea for rotating templates came in early 2011 while helping family members in another state during a crisis. I found myself with idle times that could be used for sewing and naturally my thoughts turned to quilting. Adult relatives had taught me to quilt when I was quite young and I quilted off and on all my life. Our old favorite standby hand-quilting pattern is the much-loved Baptist Fan quilting design because of its beauty and ease of stitching by hand. Since I planned to purchase a longarm quilting machine when I returned home, I began to think of ways using a quilting machine to stitch the Baptist Fan pattern in a continuous line without cutting the thread and the idea for a new template took root.

After nearly two years in research and development, we filed for a patent for rotating templates and our Baptist Fan template was finally introduced to the longarm quilting market. Nearly three years later our dedication and hard work paid off when the US Patent was granted.

God works in mysterious ways. If I had not had all that spare time on my hands while helping my family, perhaps the original idea would never have occurred to me. I count this experience as a great blessing and give God the credit for getting their family back on an even keel as well as the creation and success of TopAnchor® Quilting Tools.

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