Quilting Design Templates

When working on a quilt, the final quilting pattern is a very important part- it’s more than just the icing on the cake!

TopAnchor Quilting offers patented templates that can help you create your own unique designs with minimal effort. These tools are excellent for those who are looking for an easy way to expand their cache of versatile quilting patterns that allows you to express your own style and talent. Whether quilting with a longarm machine or doing free motion machine quilting on a regular sewing machine, TopAnchor Quilting’s easy stitching system can assist both new and seasoned quilters in creating tried & true patterns or your own versions of new and existing patterns.

If you want a unique way to easily create beautiful quilting patterns for your own quilts, you have come to the right place. These laser-cut acrylic templates are used directly on top of your quilt to create patterns like the Baptist Fan, Feather Wreaths, Stars and many other shapes. The templates rotate around the stationary anchor post to keep your design precisely centered for consistently perfect stitching of your chosen pattern.

Because you use the templates close to the stitching, you maintain complete control of your quilting and can manage every stitch as its being formed. Longarm quilting methods such as pantographs or mechanical devices or computers can be very expensive and often require you to walk around and/or stand behind the longarm frame while quilting. For many, it’s more desirable to be closer your work where you can control the quilting patterns. You will also be right there where you will see if you skip a stitch, get a pucker or if the thread breaks and can immediately take action to correct it. No one likes frogging!

For those whose machine or longarm quilting journey has just begun, these templates will be invaluable. More seasoned quilters will appreciate the simplicity of design and ease of use.

If you’re interested in giving your quilt a fresh spin, contact TopAnchor Quilting today!