Wash & dry completed quilt

$ 25.00

Most quilts do not need laundering when first completed. But when you want them freshly laundered before use, we can provide that service for you.

Our washing process is simple and effective while gentle on a quilt. We have been using this method for many decades and have never had damage to a quilt from it.

We fill the washing machine half full with lukewarm water and dissolve a small amount of mild quilt soap in the water. The quilt is then folded accordion-style and pushed down into the water until completely submersed. It is gently swished in the water by hand for a few minutes, then allowed to sit and soak for about 20 min. 

Before spinning the water out, the quilt is hand swished again and then pushed up against the outside wall of the tub evenly to distribute bulk and weight. Spinning is carefully monitored and at the first sign of the tub being off balance, the machine is stopped and the quilt redistributed inside the tub. 

The quilt is rinsed twice the same way, this time with a very gentle fragrance free fabric softener. 

The damp quilt is removed from the washing machine and air fluffed in the dryer for 5 minutes. It's then hung away from the sun and allowed to finish drying, fluffing and turning as necessary. 

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