TopAnchor™ Design Board© Set

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Here's a great way to create and try out your quilting designs in advance!

TopAnchor™ Design Board© makes magic when paired with Foot Gems, chalk pencil and your favorite templates. Use over and over again. Works with all rotating templates from TopAnchor™ Quilting Tools.

Set contains:

  • TopAnchor™ Design Board© (14" x 14" magnetic chalk board with permanent anchor post attached)
  • 6" PentaStar© FM 1/8" thick free motion quilting template
  • mechanical chalk pencil plus 6 refills
  • Foot Gems© (package of four)

Celtic Knot templates may be purchased separately. 

Place your template over the anchor post in the center of the board and rotate 360³ for a complete pattern. Use a second template to add a different look.

Draw out the pattern, then erase lines you won't be using or doodle in areas you would like to add.


Turn your creativity loose and design quilting patterns to your hearts content! When you are satisfied with a design, it can easily be drawn out on your quilt sandwich using the same chalk pencil. So easy!

(Designs in above photos were made using 6" PentaStar©, 6" Celtic Knot©, and 4" & 8" OctaStar© templates.)

    TopAnchor™ Quilting Tools are patented and use a unique system with templates that rotate completely around a stationary anchor post.

    TopAnchor™ Design Board© is sold only on the website. 

    Supplies are limited and when gone, TopAnchor Design Boards may not be available again.


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