PentaStar LA Longarm Quilting Templates 1/4" acrylic

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PentaStar LA

longarm quilting templates

 Three sizes 6" 8" 10" sold separately or as a set

  • 1/4" thick laser-cut acrylic longarm quilting template
  • Anchor post, stabilizer pin, wafer & detailed instruction sheet included with each template
  • Templates from TopAnchor® Quilting Tools are patented and feature the unique anchor post system 
  • For longarm quilting
    • Stitch from one notch to the next, stop with needle down, rotate template so that other notch touches ruler foot, then stitch to next notch. Repeat all around. Very easy!

    • Combine different size stars for easy variety and impact. A 10" star fits inside a 10" circle, 8" star fits inside 8" circle, and 6" star fits inside a 6" circle. 

    • Second star can be added to easily create a perfect 10-point star. Your friends will be amazed at your creativity and skill

        • All parts made and assembled in USA.
        • Anchor post easily fastens to top of quilt in work area; template fits over and rotates around the anchor post for consistently perfect positioning.
        • Nothing under quilt to interfere with quilting process.
        • Detailed instruction sheet included with every template.
        • Adjusting the template so that the marks on the bottom are directly over your previous stitching keeps the template aligned for continued perfect stitching.
        • Anchor post can easily be moved to other areas to stitch additional designs.In most cases, no other templates or tools are required.
        • Use two or more templates to stitch in the same area without moving the anchor post to create unique designs that are perfectly centered.
        • Permanent screen printed markings won't wash or rub off
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