A2. Light Custom (medium density) quilting

$ 0.05

Medium density quilting is a more structured style that can include all an over quilting design that may incorporate crosshatching, repetitious patterns, clam shells, feathers, fans, light ruler work, specific border patterns, etc. 

We charge $.025 per square inch for medium density machine quilting. A standard 80" x 96" quilt is 7680 square inches.

Divide 7680 by 2 and the size to enter is 3840. 

There is currently a problem with this website not allowing a three decimal number but we anticipate getting that fixed in the near future. Until that is fixed, we are charging $.05 for every two square inches. The cost is the same, just a different way to figure it. 

We apologize if this is too confusing. Give us a call and we'll give you a quote over the phone. 


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