Feather Wreath Longarm Quilting Templates

$ 54.50 $ 171.99

TopAnchor® Quilting Tools are patented and feature the unique anchor post system
  • Makes a perfect feather wreath
  • 1/4" thick laser-cut acrylic quilting template with anchor post, stabilizer pin and wafer. Detailed instruction sheet included with every template.
  • Stitch around inside of teardrop shape   
    , stop with needle down, rotate template and stitch next teardrop; continue around to create wreath. Repeat with other teardrop shape.
    • Anchor post easily fastens to top of quilt in work area; template fits over and rotates around the anchor post for consistently perfect positioning. Anchor post can easily be moved to other areas to stitch additional designs. Anchor posts are exactly the same size for all our templates.
    • Align the template so that the marks on the bottom are directly over your previous stitching to keep the template positioned for continued perfect stitching.
    • No need to pre-mark quilt top. No need to walk behind quilting machine or reach under quilt.  Nothing under quilt to interfere with quilting process. 
    • In most cases, no other templates or tools are required. Use two or more templates to stitch in the same area without moving the anchor post to create unique designs that are perfectly centered.
    • All parts made and assembled in USA.
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