Binding Service

$ 0.03

Bindings are easily made from the 3/4 yard of fabric you provide. 

Our services may including the following:

1. Cut fabric into strips and sew end-to-end, then press in half lengthwise
2. Sew binding strips to edge of quilt by machine
3. Trim edge of quilt, turn binding to the back, hand stitch binding to back. 

There is no extra charge for cutting the strips on the bias. 

Scallop are a beautiful addition to a quilt, but they can be fussy and time consuming to create. We offer scallop binding at a premium price of $.35 per running inch. It includes making bias binding (from customer-supplied fabric), measuring and marking precisely spaced scallops on quilt edge, pinning and machine sewing bias binding to front of quilt, trimming edges, then turning binding to back and sewing down by hand. 

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