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Baptist Fan Rotating Longarm Quilting Template 

Easiest way to quilt the ever-popular traditional Baptist Fan design.

  • Makes one to six arcs depending on which notches are used.
  • TopAnchor® Quilting Tools feature the patented anchor post system
  • The distance from the anchor post to the farthest arc is 6” (radius of a 12” circle).
  • Template moves in arcs with the ruler foot to create curved designs.
  • One hand moves the machine while the other hand moves the template.
  • An entire row can be continuously stitched from one side of the quilt top to the other in minutes.
  • Stitch arcs from any direction depending on position of anchor post.
  • Read and follow ALL instructions before attempting to use this or any new quilting template.
  • With practice, the patented Baptist Fan template can easily become one of your favorite quilting tools.
  • 1/4" laser-cut acrylic template
  • includes anchor post, stabilizer pin, wafer and cap.
  • Suggested to be used for longarm quilting only. Not suggested for use with stationary sewing machines unless you have four hands with which to control the template and quilt during the quilting process. Just kidding. If you are super coordinated you might try using this template for free motion quilting but please send us pictures of how you did it. :

Our friend Amy Johnson of Amy's Free Motion Quilting Adventures quilts with a regular Janome sewing machine. We asked her to do this short video showing how to use the Baptist Fan template on a stationary machine. Here it is! 

  • All parts made and assembled in USA.
  • Anchor post easily fastens to top of quilt in work area; template fits over and rotates around the anchor post for consistently perfect positioning.
  • Detailed instruction sheet included with every template.
  • No need to walk behind quilting machine or reach under quilt.
  • Nothing under quilt to interfere with quilting process.
  • No need to pre-mark quilt top.
  • No other templates or tools are required.
  • Anchor post can easily be moved to other areas to stitch additional designs.
  • Use two or more templates to stitch in the same area without moving the anchor post to create unique designs that are perfectly centered.
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