Specialty Threads

$ 10.00

The main thread we us is Glide by Fil-Tec with matching Magna-Glide bobbins. Glide has wonderful sheen, is consistent in color and thickness, and is strong and lint free. 

Glide also good to use for sewing other than longarm quilting and we often use ends of cones and bobbins as top thread in our sewing machine.  When you chose Glide thread from the dozens of colors that we have in stock, there is no charge for thread or bobbins. 

We have a $10.00 flat fee for any specialty threads you request to be used in your quilt. This includes the following:

  • Special Order Glide thread (and matching Magna-Glide bobbins) we don't have in stock. This covers our extra expense and shipping.
  • Variegated thread is beautiful and gives a lot of life to a quilt, but it costs about four times as much as Glide. For this reason, we charge extra for variegated thread. 
  • Water soluble basting thread (for top thread only) is available for an additional charge. When your quilting is finished, spritz the top with water or wash the quilt to remove the basting stitches. The top thread will disappear and the bobbin thread is easily pulled away. 

We only use Fil-tec thread 
Made in the USA

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