Quilt Binding Service

$ 20.00

Standard quilt sizes are listed in the chart below. Dimensions of individual quilts often vary. 

Bed Size Quilt Size Price *
Table topper etc smaller than crib  $         20.00
Crib 40 x 50  $         25.00
Lap  50 x 60  $         30.00
Twin 71 x 91  $         35.00
Full 86 x 91  $         40.00
Queen 92 x 96  $         45.00
King 110 x 96  $         50.00
* Price includes trimming edges of quilt, creating binding from  customer-supplied fabric, and sewing binding to front & back of quilt. 

 We can provide any or all of the services listed below:

1. Create binding 
2. Sew binding strips to front of quilt by machine
3. Complete binding service (trim quilt, create binding, attach binding to quilt)

Scalloped Edges
Scalloped bindings are a beautiful addition to a quilt, but they are fussy and time consuming to create. We offer scallop binding at a premium price of $.35 per running inch (distance around outside edge of quilt). It includes making bias binding (from customer-supplied fabric), measuring and marking precisely spaced scallops on quilt edge, pinning and machine sewing bias binding to front of quilt, trimming edges, then turning binding to back and sewing down. 

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