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The Fan Ruler is designed to work with your rotating templates from TopAnchor Quilting Tools. It is for measuring and premarking designs, not intended to be used while sewing. 

The Fan Ruler fits over the anchor post that came with your templates (or purchased separately) and rotates around in a complete circle up to 24" wide. It has holes at 1/2" intervals so you can mark your quilt with a temporary marking pen or pencil. 

Works with all TopAnchor Quilting's anchor posts that come with templates or may be purchased here: .

Made of 1/8" thick laser cut acrylic (like regular marking and cutting rulers) with permanent black markings that won't rub or scrape off with normal use. The Fan Ruler is 13" long x 1" wide.

For marking only, not to be used as a guide for sewing or quilting. 

Lines are clearly marked on the ruler at 1" & 1/2" increments and the holes are sized right for your favorite marking pencil or pen. 

TopAnchor® Quilting Tools are patented and feature the unique anchor post system.

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