Infinite Star Machine Quilting Template

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If you are looking for versatility, this template is the answer! 

One side of the template makes perfect radial lines straight out from the center of the pattern, and the other side makes diagonal rays to make a star with as many points and however long you want them to be up to 9" from the center.

Want a star to fit inside a square or odd shape? No problem. Want to make a beautiful Christmas star? This tool can do that too! There are so many variations you will have a blast trying to come up with new ones. 

Order yours today! You will wonder how you ever got along without it!

  • TopAnchor® Quilting Tools are patented and feature the unique anchor post system
  • All parts made and assembled in USA.
  • 1/4" laser-cut acrylic template includes anchor post, stabilizer pin, wafer and cap, plus detailed instruction sheet.
  • Anchor post easily fastens to top of quilt in work area; template fits over and rotates around the anchor post for consistently perfect positioning.
  • Detailed instruction sheet included with every template.
  • No need to walk behind quilting machine or reach under quilt.
  • Nothing under quilt to interfere with quilting process.
  • In most cases, other templates or tools may be combined with this template but are required.
  • Anchor post can easily be moved to other areas to stitch additional designs.
  • Use two or more templates to stitch in the same area without moving the anchor post to create unique designs that are perfectly centered.
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  • Works with longarm or free motion machine quilting on a standard sewing machine if it has a 1/2" wide round foot attachment similar to a longarm hopping foot and 1/4" high clearance all the way around the foot. 

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