Anchor Post

$ 3.29

For use only with machine quilting templates from TopAnchor Quilting Tools.

The anchor post is fastened to the quilt sandwich and the template slips over and rotates around the post during use (see individual template descriptions). 

All TopAnchor Quilting templates (except the 3" Celtic Knot template) have an anchor post included with the template.

The Baptist Fan and Infinite Star templates have a magnetic anchor post and cap.

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Regular anchor post or magnetic? Which to use?

Regular anchor post
Anchor posts are used with most of our templates to keep the template centered while it's being rotated. While stitching, the template is held in place with the hand the same as other machine quilting templates and rulers. A magnetic post & cap serves no purpose with these templates.
Magnetic anchor post and cap
Only the Baptist Fan and Infinite Star templates have a magnetic anchor post & magnetic cap. During use, these templates at times are held by the end furthest from the anchor post and the cap helps keep the template from popping up off the anchor post.

TopAnchor® Quilting Tools are patented and feature the unique anchor post system


Broken anchor posts will be replaced free of cost only when original is returned to TopAnchor Quilting Tools. Include a self-addressed stamped envelope. 

    For free replacement, return anchor post to: 

    TopAnchor Quilting Tools LLC
    207 Clarksburg Street
    Mannington WV 26582

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