Foot Gems - Temporary Marking Aids

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Foot Gems are exactly the same size as a typical round toe ruler foot. Their perfect 1/2" size puts your stitching line exactly 1/4" away from the edge of a template. You can easily mark your pattern in advance and increase your accuracy in quilting it right the first time.  Keep the template aligned with previous markings to ensure total accuracy.

They're so handy!

Each Foot Gem has a different size hole to fit different size marking pen tips. 

The bright neon green is so transparent and bright they can be seen at a glance. 

The markings are very accurate and will be super valuable in helping you draw that perfect 1/4"  stitching line

  • 1/5" wide for marking perfect 1/4" stitching lline
  • Transparent 1/8" thick neon green acrylic
  • Small, medium, large and extra large holes to fit a wide range of marking pens
  • Low shipping cost will be added at checkout
  • Made in USA

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