Feet for Machine Quilting With Templates & Rulers April 15 2014, 11 Comments


We now carry the new patent-pending Clarity round toe ruler foot in two sizes, high shank and low shank. (Other sizes are available from the manufacturer.) 

Get more information here: Clarity Round Toe Ruler Foot 


One of the most often asked questions is, "Can I use your templates on my sewing machine?"

My answer:  

Thanks for asking that question, but I'm not familiar with _[insert BRAND/MODEL name]_ machines. 

I'm a longarm quilter, not a free motion quilter. I'm not familiar with 99% of the domestic sewing machines on the market and can't answer specifically about the feet that go with whatever brand & model sewing machine you might have. Your dealer is your best source for finding a quilting foot that fits your machine. 

Although our rotating templates were originally designed to be used on longarm quilting machines, many of our customers are using them on their home sewing machines with great results.

The major difference in free motion and longarm quilting is this: with free motion the quilt is moved and the machine is stationary; with longarm quilting, the machine moves and the quilt is stationary. 

When it comes to using rulers and templates, the basics apply to whatever machine you are using:

  • the foot must be round
  • the ruler or templates needs to be thick enough to stop it from sliding under or over the foot
  • the needle needs to be exactly in the center of the foot, and
  • the ruler or template needs room to fit all the way around the foot

No matter what type of sewing machine you have, the ability to use rulers & templates depends on the type of quilting foot on the machine.

You must have a ½” wide, round toe ruler foot on your machine to use the rotating templates by TopAnchor® Quilting. Check with your sewing machine dealer if you don't already have a round toe ruler foot.

A ruler foot MUST be 1/2" wide to assure the accuracy of these templates. A foot that is a different width will throw off the pattern. When using a 1/2" wide foot, the stitching line will be exactly 1/4" from the edge of the template. If your foot is a different width, you might have to 'fudge' a bit to make the lines line up each time. 

My friend Amy Johnson writes a blog about her search for quilting feet for home machines and her blog is a fountain of useful machine quilting information. You can find her blog here: http://www.freemotionquiltingadventures.com 

(PS - Amy uses a Janome in most of her videos.)


Many companies are making ruler toe feet for their machines so check with your dealer to see what they have.The ones pictured here are only a few that are available. As more and more people ask their dealers for these feet, the companies are taking notice and add them to their line. Yeah, we want them now, but I predict that very soon all the sewing machine companies will be offering them to their customers. 

Watch the videos at http://topanchorquilting.com/  to see how the rotating templates from TopAnchor Quilting work. Let us know if you have any questions.

Happy Stitching!